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Entra User Group Germany records


Current records of the Entra User Group Germany sponsored by us

from the social media team, April 27, 2023

Have you heard from the Entra User Group Germany heard? Founded by one of our dedicated contributors, Dennis Weber, this community is dedicated to Microsoft Entra. The aim is to support everyone who is interested in or works with these topics.

The Entra User Group provides a platform for sharing ideas and experiences to increase knowledge about Microsoft Entra and find practical solutions to challenges. The group is especially important as digital transformation continues to evolve and people need to stay current to stay competitive. Microsoft Entra creates identity and access management (IAM) solutions that build a trust structure between people, machine services and components in the multi-cloud infrastructure.

We at Intellity support the Entra User Group because we believe this community helps everyone in deploying identity and access management solutions and contributes to increasing knowledge and skills in this area. Watch the videos to learn more about the Entra User Group and become part of this great community!

The Entra User Group Germany (#EntraDE) is a locally based user group that meets every even month, every second Thursday, on site in Schwabach and also enables remote participation. Due to other communities and upcoming conferences, the meetings can be postponed. Like that next meeting of EntraDe. This is for 22.06.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX planned and then see you in the August again.

But the best part is: Participation in the user groups we sponsor free! We provide the user groups with premises, technology, drinks and food for all participants! In the meantime, various user groups have grown from committed colleagues who have specialized in exciting topics such as Microsoft Teams, Viva and Entra. But that's not all! The user groups are regularly offered in various formats - sometimes there are sessions by external experts or MVPs, sometimes there are specials on specific topics or discussion evenings. There are also podcasts and video panels, so there's always something going on here!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Youtube channel and subscribe! We promise you that you will gain a lot of interesting insights and experiences. Join us and become part of our community!

YouTube videos to #EntraDe

Here is the guide to the user group we sponsor: Join EntraDe Everyone is welcome! Always keep your ears and eyes open so that you don't miss any spontaneous specials. 😉