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Our trainees report from August 2022


Our trainees report from the month of August 2022

Why do we encourage and challenge our trainees in such a way? Because they are the IT foundation of the future. They are the first generation that was partly born with the new media and if not, then they definitely grow up with it. We want to give them the opportunity to build up and develop this potential that was instilled in them, so that they can help shape the future of IT with more strength and sound knowledge.

This is one of the reasons why our trainees are also actively involved in our business and with their report from last month they prove it again.

by Nils and Vasi, 05.09.2022


This month I worked for a customer in the automotive industry. I created new forms and SharePoint lists. These forms are intended to replace processes that have so far been old-fashioned on paper with automated solutions. In addition, I dealt with a customer from the aviation industry. This required support for testing various antivirus scanners for Exchange On Prem. Furthermore, I have started collecting ideas and requirements for an internal inventory software.

In addition, I tested Microsoft LABS with Vasi and checked their time requirements.


This month I worked out our trainee SharePoint page. The task of the site is to give the trainees tasks and to see how flexible the trainees are at the moment. First I created a PowerApp. The PowerApp is there so that company members can create their tasks for the trainees. You need to fill out a form and submit it. Accordingly, I created a SharePoint list for the PowerApp. The data from the PowerApp is saved in this list so that it is not lost. After that I created several flows. With the first flow, the trainer gets a Teams notification when a task is created. He has the chance to look at the task with all its information and is able to reject or accept the task. If he accepts the task, it will be added to the Planner Task and displayed as a calendar view on the Trainee SharePoint page and the assigned person will receive an email notification. The next flow checks the current status of the task and deletes it from the Planner Task and SharePoint page when its status is "complete".

Nils and I were also allowed to test the Microsoft labs. Our task was to go through the Labs MS 100 & 101 and track our time. We did this so Microsoft would know if the time they provided is correct.

If the report has aroused your curiosity and you also see your future in computer science, then get in touch with our trainer Till Gorr. More information on training at Intellity over here..

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