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Our trainee Nils reports from Quarter_1 2023


Our trainee Nils reports on his activities during the first quarter

Nils Hertel, 03.03.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

3st year of apprenticeship


Inventory app:

In the last few weeks I have mainly focused on the development and bug fixing of our inventory software. The goal was to improve the software so that it better meets the needs of our company. In doing so, I focused particularly on optimizing the user-friendliness and stability of the software. Stable inventory software ensures that the data is reliable and prevents data loss or errors from occurring. An unstable system, on the other hand, can lead to malfunctions that hinder users' work or endanger the integrity of the data. 


Team Meeting Room Devices:

Parallel to the inventory app, I also worked in 2nd lvl support for teams meeting room devices at a large company. I received customer inquiries and solved technical problems. For example, one of the technical issues was an account issue. In this case, the device has displayed a critical error. This bug was fixed with a simple change in the configuration of the device. In the process, I improved my customer support skills and continued my education in various technical areas. 

Professional school:

In addition, I was at the vocational school at the end of January, from which I brought you a little story: 

In the last few weeks we have been working at school on various group policies and file servers with Windows domain controllers. One day the class heard an exclamation of “And go!” of a classmate who had renamed his domain controller. Over the next hour, when he tried to log into his domain controller, he found that it was no longer working. What happened? Our classmate had changed the name of the domain controller. Renaming a domain controller can destroy the entire Active Directory if no other exists. 

Project application:

Another important event in February was the completion of my project application for my final exam. I dealt intensively with my project work and defined my goals and methods precisely. I am confident that I will successfully complete my final exam with this project. 

In my next report I will tell you what my project work is about.

Overall, the last few months have been very productive for me and I have been able to improve my software development and customer support skills. The completion of my project application has also brought me an important step closer to my final goal. 

Nils Hertel

Nils Hertel

If the report has aroused your curiosity and you also see your future in computer science, then get in touch with our trainer Till Gorr. More information on training at Intellity over here .