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Our trainees report from October 2022


Our trainees report from the month of October 2022

by Nils, Vasi and Berkan, 09.11.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX

Nils from the 3rd year of apprenticeship:

In October I worked a lot with Vasi on completing our inventory software, which we created as a trainee project. We created a specification to define the cornerstones. We have used flows to automate and simplify various previously complicated manual processes.

This month's vocational school was about Windows servers, virtual machines and firewalls. In the Cisco Packet Tracer we have built a network with a DMZ server and various external and internal networks.

What is a specification?

A specification is about defining the initial points for a project. A specification can be used by the client in a tender. DIN 69901 gives clear specifications for the content of a specification. Accordingly, a specification should contain the following points:

  • Goal definition, project flow, scheduling, rough cost estimate for the project.
  • Description of the current status: Summary of the current situation and circumstances, as well as presentation of problems
  • Description of the target state: Explanation of which goals are to be achieved and how.
  • Definition of interfaces and responsibilities: Overview of contact persons and project managers, as well as required interfaces and communication channels.
  • Requirements: Exact description of all functional and technical requirements.

As soon as a specification sheet is available to a contractor, it goes into the clarification phase with the client and then a specification sheet is created.

Vasi from the 2nd year of apprenticeship:

Together with Nils I continued to work on the inventory app and implemented a feedback button in the app.

This button redirects users to a form page where they can give their feedback about the inventory app. The next task was to delete the items from the app view in the app, but they should still be saved in the database.

I was able to solve this task by creating a second database (backup). All items, including items that are newly created and that are in the current database, will be extracted to the backup database. The devices that are newly created in the app are saved in the current inventory list and transferred to the backup inventory list.

The Power App has a Delete button that is visible to the administrators. When the admins press the button, the item is deleted from view but the item is still present in the backup database. Thus an item is deleted from the inventory app view but it is still displayed in the database.

Furthermore, the Technical Workshop took place in Schwabach this month. Each employee gave a presentation on a technical topic of their choice. I gave a presentation about Dos Attack (Denial-of-Service Attack) and did a simulation. For the Dos attack I set up 3 virtual machines (1 Linux machine and 2 Windows machines). The attack is carried out via the Linux machine.

The simulation looks like this: 

  1. Select which of the two Windows machines is showing the remote desktop connection attack 
  2. Open the terminal in the Linux machine 
  3. Implement the code in the terminal 
  4. Enter the IP address of the target computer in the terminal 
  5. Run the code 

Berkan from the 1st year of apprenticeship:

My second month was a bit more moderate in terms of on-site work activities as I spent half of my time in vocational school.

Although it was only the second week of vocational school, the schoolwork density was remarkably high in the first school year due to not too many vocational school days (59, to be exact). However, the knowledge that was imparted or queried was varied and interesting for anyone who is enthusiastic about IT. From IP addresses and network topologies, i.e. how exactly a router works and what the most common network cards are to date, to building a computer and the first steps in learning C# - one of the most flexible and diverse programming languages, everything was there that a prospective IT specialist needed to embark on his three-year journey.

My colleagues on site gave me as much time as I needed to internalize this knowledge and to prepare for schoolwork and to repeat certain topics. This is how my second week at vocational school and my second month at the Intellity GmbH like clockwork.

If the report has aroused your curiosity and you also see your future in computer science, then get in touch with our trainer Till Gorr. More information on training at Intellity over here .

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