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Our trainee Berkan reports from Quarter_1 2023


Our trainee Berkan reports on his activities from the first quarter of the year.

Berkan Keles, April 12, 2023

First year of apprenticeship


Inventory app

In the past few weeks, I've dealt a lot with the inventory app developed by my two trainee colleagues Nils and Vasi. And no, I didn't help out in the development/maintenance of the app, but helped our back office team with a bureaucratic matter.

With the inventory app, the name says it all. All devices and objects of our college, as well as our premises should be listed in this app and provided with price, date of purchase, serial number and owner.

I was allowed to help with the control as well as with the creation of new entries. When checking it was about the entries of all Intellity-Check employees for correctness, i.e. whether mistakes such as double entries, spelling mistakes or unfilled text fields in the detail view, such as the missing serial number, appear. As already mentioned, adding new items was also part of my job. This should always be done as soon as possible in order to avoid any ambiguity in the future regarding the whereabouts and owners of devices and objects with a high value. I also got a good insight into all the devices and gadgets of my colleagues, which is very interesting, since almost all of us are IT people and I therefore also have some information about preferences in hardware selection and generally popular brands/products of my colleagues received.

Small data leak: Docking stations and headsets with noise cancellation are very popular with us.

Calendar app

Keyword data: In March I received my most exciting task to date. I was tasked with creating an internal calendar app using Microsoft Power Apps, where you can get information about upcoming events and events, as well as see the attendance of your faculty.

This may sound a bit dull at first glance, but for someone like me who has also done some programming (web development), this is the perfect task to familiarize yourself with the Power Apps environment and mean it Expand programming horizons.

For all those who are unfamiliar with the term Power Apps:

This is a cloud-based application development platform developed by Microsoft that allows users to create custom applications without any programming skills. You can basically imagine it as a construction kit with ready-made templates and components, which makes it much easier to create applications than traditional programming. The fact that PowerApps is cloud-based and you can work on it anywhere, anytime and on almost any computer is also a big plus for the platform.


At school we went through topics such as WLAN standards, ISMS (Information Security Management System) and basic electrical variables, with the latter being by far the most exciting topic.

As a result, I now know how to correctly interpret and understand the information on a power supply unit or other electrical devices. So I am now able to use different formulas to calculate resistance, voltage and current. Equally helpful in this area was that we now have enough knowledge to understand all the information on electrical measuring devices such as electricity meters or similar.

The newly acquired knowledge will be of great use to me, especially in my free time, when I have to get a new power supply unit and install it in the computer or optimize the network settings of the router.

In summary, the first quarter of 2023 was as extensive as it was exciting and gives me confidence for the rest of the year.

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Berkan Keles

If the report has aroused your curiosity and you also see your future in computer science, then get in touch with our trainer Till Gorr. More information on training at Intellity over here .