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News from the community – Entra User Group Germany


Entra User Group Germany

from the social media team, 18.11.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX

Full of excitement and looking forward to what is to come, we can announce that we founded the first Microsoft Entra User Group in Germany yesterday.

What is Entra?

In the summer of this year, Microsoft Product family Entra brought to life. This includes all functions that are currently and will be offered by Microsoft for identity and access management. Products such as Microsoft Azure Directory (Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Verified ID and Microsoft Entra Permissions Management are grouped together for these functions.

Identity and access management with Microsoft Entra and its new product categories such as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and decentralized identities is trend-setting and sets new standards. It goes beyond the limits of the native Microsoft world and also opens up permission management in distributed environments (multi-cloud solutions).

Why a user group?

The following question can often be found on the internet:

"Why a user group when I can find the solutions to my problems on the internet?"

Internet searches are usually time-consuming solutions that are not always effective.

It is more effective to be able to turn to a community with questions or suggestions, to deepen and consolidate your knowledge in personal meetings of the user groups. But that's not just the positive effect of a user group. The transfer of knowledge and the setting up of new best practices, the networking of beginners through advanced to experts, also guarantees an effective exchange. Because knowledge is known to be the only thing that doubles when it is shared.

In a personal conversation, questions can often be clarified in a few minutes, which would otherwise have required hours of internet research on your own.

Sign up to join our user group Meetup and become a part of Entra User Group Germany. Membership and participation in our events is free.

We are currently planning the first meetup, which will take place in January. You will be informed in good time via Meetup and our social media channels.

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