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Microsoft Secure Event: Intellity join us as experts!


Microsoft Secure - the new Microsoft event for IT security solutions and identity protection with our MVP Siegfried Jagott and other experts

from the social media team, 27.03.2023

The digital event will take place on March 28th Microsoft Secure instead of. It's a place for security professionals who want to learn the most comprehensive industry-leading solutions to protect everything. This event offers a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of IT security and to gain valuable insights into best practices and the latest technologies to protect systems and data.

Siegfried Jagott and Raphael Koellner will be on tuesday 28.03.2023 von 20:00 – 20.30 Uhr (MEZ) as subject matter experts, Chris Hoard at his session “When MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Isn't Enough: 5 Simple and Important Steps to Secure Our Identities” support.

In today's digital world, it is vital for businesses to protect their systems and data from threats. Identity security plays an important role in this. If a user's identity is compromised, it can have a serious impact on the security of the organization.

With this session, Chris Hoard, Siegfried Jagott and Raphael Köllner will discuss the challenges of securing identities and provide five simple steps to overcome these challenges. Therefore, security professionals interested in securing identities should definitely attend his session to improve their identity security skills and knowledge and stay current.

Registration for the event is possible via the following link:  Microsoft Secure