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Breaking News: Interdisciplinary dream team gives our office a mossy charm!


Breaking News: Interdisciplinary dream team gives our office a mossy charm!

from the social media team on September 11, 2023

In an epic collaboration that pushed the boundaries of HR, back office, marketing, training and consultants, our office was transformed into a moss wonderland.

Our hero story began when we decided to spruce up our office and give it a fresh, natural look. But instead of limiting ourselves to one team, we joined forces from all departments to tackle this ambitious project. It was a pretty fun experience, if a little unconventional. Imagine how different departments with different tasks came together to put moss pictures on the walls! It was definitely an act of teamwork and creativity.

The result? An office that is not only cool, but where creativity and inspiration can also unfold! 🌿🏢 This team effort proved that when we combine our skills and ideas, we can achieve anything.

Now our office shines in a new light, or rather, in a refreshing green! This change reminds us that sometimes you just have to do something crazy to generate fresh ideas and strengthen team bonds.

Are you looking for a fresh approach to your company's IT? Our moss painting campaign may seem unusual, but it shows that we are willing to explore and implement innovative ideas to address challenges.

If we can hang moss pictures on the walls, what can we do for your IT? From optimizing your IT infrastructure to developing customized solutions, we are your technical partner ready to go extraordinary ways.

Contact Contact us today and let us refresh your IT landscape together. We look forward to working with you and achieving your IT goals!