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Teams User Group Nuremberg

The Teams User Group Nuremberg (#TeamsNue) has existed since March 2021. The founders are employees of Intellity GmbH, which it also after the work done for Intellity, an important concern is to exchange ideas about the digital and new working world, especially with the help of Microsoft teams.
What is behind the idea of ​​the entire Microsoft Teams User Group?
In #TeamsNue is part of the German Microsoft Teams Usergroups, a merger nationwider team users groups which was founded with the visionn, the development der Microsoft Teams Competence within the Germany region develop and exchange ideas. Many of these user groups know each other because you meet regularly at various events related to teams and Office365 meets. By bringing IT experts together/interested are real experiences, knowledge and best practices divided. In this case it is irrelevant, whether one so far profound Microsoft Teams experience or she using the #TeamsNue would like to set up or expand a user group. 
Where do the Teams User Group Nuremberg meetings take place?
Da Intellity is the main sponsor, the #TeamsNue meetings take place in the Intellity Office in Schwabach south of Nuremberg and online team meetings. This means that anyone who would like to exchange face-to-face experiences with teams is in the Intellity Office a welcome guest. Anyone who is unable to travel to Schwabach for reasons of time or space can take part in the events via a Microsoft team meeting.
When do regular meetings take place?
The events take place on the second Tuesday of every even month.

All current dates can be found on Meetup.

Which speakers can you count on at the Teams User Group Nuremberg?
Well-known speakers such as Raphael Köllner (MVP/RD), Ragnar Heil (MVP), Nicki Borell (MVP/RD), Tom Arbuthnot (MVP), Frank Carius (MVP), Siegfried Jagott (MVP), Hans Brender (MVP), Thomas Poett (MVP) and many other speakers inform the members of the #TeamsNue User Group about news, changes and opportunities related to Microsoft Teams.
Interested in speaking for the Teams User Group Nuremberg Community?
Speakers who have not yet been mentioned here and who would like to speak at one of the #TeamsNue events can also contact the user group via Sessionize.
What is particularly important for the community?
The Teams User Group is a community and therefore lives from the lively exchange between its members, which is why feedback is always welcome. Here is the right link to share which topics everyone would like to learn more about and exchange ideas.