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At Intellity, we support the Teams User Group Nuremberg #TeamsNue, the Entra User Group Germany #EntraDe, and the Microsoft 365 User Group Nuremberg #M365Nue. This support underscores our commitment to knowledge exchange, innovation, and community building in the technology industry.
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The Importance of User Groups in the Technology Industry

In our rapidly evolving industry, user groups are indispensable. They provide a platform for professionals to network, exchange experiences, and learn from each other. Given the rapid technological advancements, user groups enable staying updated with current information, best practices, and domain expertise. They not only contribute to individual learning success but also strengthen the community through a culture of sharing and support.

Our Commitment to Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange is central to us at Intellity. We believe that an environment where ideas are freely shared fosters innovation and progress. By supporting user groups, we help create such environments and support the professional development of both our employees and community members. We see it as our responsibility to contribute to the advancement of our industry, understanding that it is best achieved through collaborative efforts.

The Role of the User Groups Sponsored by Us

#TeamsNue, #EntraDe, and #M365Nue are central to our efforts to support this exchange. Each group focuses on specific technologies and platforms, thus our support covers a wide range of interests, providing the maximum benefit to the community. By providing resources, expertise, and financial support to these groups, we enable the organization of regular meetings, workshops, and events that are accessible to all.

Our Contribution to Promoting Innovation and Community Building

Our support for user groups reflects our belief that success in the technology industry is achieved through collaboration, shared learning, and a constant pursuit of improvement. At Intellity GmbH, we are committed to making our contribution to strengthening this dynamic community and look forward to continued collaboration with the Teams User Group Nuremberg, the Entra User Group Germany, and the Microsoft 365 User Group Nuremberg to collectively advance our industry.

Event Locations & Participation Options

As the main sponsor, we provide our facilities in Schwabach, south of Nuremberg, for the user group meetings. These meetings are offered both in-person and online via Microsoft Teams. This ensures that every interested participant has the opportunity to attend our events regardless of time or geographical constraints.


When are regular meetings held?

The current meetings of the user groups can be viewed on our Meetup pages and as events on Intellity's LinkedIn page. It is best to sign up for our Meetup groups to receive notifications as soon as we post a new meeting or workshop.

Interested in speaking at a User Group?

Speakers who would like to speak at one of our events can contact the User Group via Sessionize.

What is particularly important for the community?

As organizers of events and experiences, we strive to provide everyone with a respectful, friendly, and professional experience, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, age, race, or religion.

Please also note our code of conduct - More Information