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The world is in a steady state change, in which digitization is finding its way. Intellity is a model company for digitization and fully supports this change.
Yet we are uns aware of our social responsibility. Of the Responsibility derer opposite, the not participate in this change for a variety of reasons.  
We want them to know that they don't forget or left behind will. It is one incredible achievement, what social professions and volunteer services entail. Deatand we ourselves not only deliberately, weather support as well as honor this each year with a donation. Because an this front, digitization can not giving what each of us does from time to time brequired: 

Mhuman affection, closeness, Attention and a big thank you.

For each employee of Intellity the annual donation an affair of the heart. Some of us have a very personal connection to Associationsn, funding initiatives, volunteer servicesn and foundations of any kind, because ohwithout them often volunteer work of these institutions, nobody could of do his job as well as he does itt. Only the certainty that there are people who sacrifice themselves to all those who care even can not, gives us the opportunity to do what we are good at: on technical progress zu . work 

If you also have a donation suggestion, please submit it with a short and specific description of the recipient here with us. Together we can offer support that really gets where it is needed.